Search Engine Optimisation

Our passion for SEO is matched by the team’s knowledge of Google & how to leverage the world’s biggest search engine to increase revenue for our clients. The pro-active approach ZoZo Tch. takes to search engine optimization is essential due to the constantly changing algorithms & the increasing pressure from digital competition. As a Google Partner, we use our knowledge & experience to increase traffic to the client’s website month-on-month. SEO can be an extremely confusing marketing channel, we work hard to educate our clients & have extremely transparent research, planning & reporting methods.

SEO Process

Keyword & Trend Research

Keyword analysis is a crucial element of Search Engine Marketing. Knowing what your potential customers are searching is the foundation of all Search Engine Marketing campaigns.Prior to any optimisation activities, a clear understanding of the opportunities available for relevant traffic is paramount. The quality & quantity of the traffic generated is essential to increasing the volume of interest, leads and sales via a website.Search Engine Marketing can be paired with Paid Targeting campaigns to drive traffic for keywords that a website is not targeting organically.

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Technical SEO

Google is blind, there are an array of factors that help Google rank your website above the competition for the product or service that it provides.On-site Search Engine Optimisation is dependent on both visible content, in addition to hidden factors in the website source code.It is important to not neglect any of these elements to ensure maximum ROI for all Search Engine Marketing activities. The Search Engine Optimisation landscape is constantly changing due to algorithm updates, competitor and user behaviour.

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Backlink Analysis

Links between websites are an important area which Google uses to rank websites for search results. Links from a website to your domain can either be a positive or negative thing in the eyes of Google. Analysing the backlink profile of a website and how it can be improved is a task of ZoZo Tech.’s SEO specialists, maximising on any potential postive backlinks and the removal of any negative back-links will lead to an improvement of search result rankings.

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Blogging formulates a major cornerstone for any SEO strategy, Google needs constant relevant and fresh content to be added to a website for it to rank higher. Blogging for SEO fills this need and allows you to release relevant content optimised for SEO which will help you keep your customers informed and your website elevated in keyword rankings.As voice searches become more common due to the rise of smart home devices and mobile based virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa blogging becomes an increasingly powerful way to answer the direct questions people are asking their phones. Having content optimised for voice search through blogs is a powerful way of capturing new traffic to your website.

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100 Point Audit

ZoZo Tech.’s 100 point marketing audit covers all areas of your digital presence including: Onsite SEO, Blogging, User Experience for Mobile and desktop browsing, Social Media and Competitor analysis and comparison. Our Marketing Audits are conducted by a human with the aid of analytical tools to not only provide you with the data around your companies digital presence but also to make this data digestible and understood.

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